Opening Night to Partner with IDLA for International Distribution

Opening Night to Partner with IDLA for International Distribution


Canadian popular music imprint Opening Night Records announced today a new partnership with the Independent Digital Licensing Agency (IDLA) to bring the current and future catalogue of ONR records to over 45 different digital media outlets, and the opportunity for limited run physical distribution of future special edition releases. The previous catalogue of Opening Night records has since been re-ingested for seamless availability, and future releases are set to be delivered by early Summer, 2014.

This announcement comes during the wake of the rebirth to the Toronto based label, under the new direction of brothers Chris and Willis Daellenbach.


About IDLA

IDLA is a homegrown (Ontario) agency that is owned by a wide variety of independent labels and distributors. IDLA is industry leader in direct, transparent communication between the label and point of purchase. Where other distributors” releases get trapped in queue with hundreds of other submissions, IDLA is regarded to be an elite selection of major independent imprints that are respected by these outlets, and in turn by the end consumer. Needless to say this is a huge step forward for Opening Night Records, and all of its artists.

IDLA is comprised of Geoff Kulawick, David Cox, Fraser Secret and Joe Bartok.



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