Guilty Pleasure

- producer / dj -



Guilty Pleasure is a Canadian electronic music producer and performing artist currently living in Montreal, QC. His unique style blends elements of underground house genres with commercialized dance music to form a fusion of electronic sound suited to the average listener and aficionado alike.

GUILTY PLEASURE is most well known for expertly integrating acoustic instruments into his productions, synthesizing a fresh sound in the often stagnant field of today’s electronic music scene. His versatility and comfort with a variety of genres guides him to integrate elements from all areas of the genre spectrum into his productions, resulting in a unique collection of original works and bootlegs that are seamlessly mixed into his sets; a captivating performance every time.

2015 saw GUILTY PLEASURE debut his performance skills across Canada: from THE HOXTON in Toronto to NEW CITY GAS in Montreal, as well as various other high profile events and private functions. This year, GUILTY PLEASURE is focusing on finalizing projects in the producer’s seat to deliver to his ever increasing fan base.

GUILTY PLEASURE currently works with PRODUKT in Montreal and his label-project OPENING NIGHT ENTERTAINMENT in Toronto.

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