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Opening Night Entertainment is an independent Toronto based record label that services the gap between pop and underground music. The sister label to world renowned classical recording company Opening Day Recordings, Opening Night is an established name in the industry that has recently managed to spread its roots to Montreal, featuring numerous signings with local young underground artists on the rise.


Opening Night Recordings was initially created as a Jazz-Pop crossover label to complement Opening Day during their talks with Sony Music Group in 2003, and continued to serve the pop/classical crossover genre for over 10 years. In 2014, under new management by brothers Christian and Willis Daellenbach, Opening Night Entertainment Group was incorporated in Ontario with a new vision and new partnership with IDLA distribution services to bring the fresh sounds of a new generation to the masses.




Opening Night prides itself by being on the cutting edge of technology, allowing consumers and fans access to music on all major digital music platforms – ranging from iTunes to Beatport to Spotify – and everything in between. As new advancements in music presentation are developed, Opening Night is aligned to offer increased access to our artists and their catalogs of great music through ever evolving multimedia platforms and services. For a complete list of media outlets where ONE recordings are currently available, check our distribution information page.


Opening Night Recordings is currently looking to expand our family. If you are, or represent, an artist that Opening Night could form a good fit with, visit our demo submissions page to get in touch with our A&R team.

Meet The Team

Willis Daellenbach

Willis Daellenbach

Chris Daellenbach

Chris Daellenbach

Joseph Chusid

Joseph Chusid